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Just bought the Galaxy Note 10, these are the new features of the S-Pen pen that you need to try now!

When it comes to Galaxy Note, it's impossible not to mention the S-Pen. The Galaxy Note born with the original purpose is for those who like notes (notes), and the S-Pen is a key tool to create that note experience.

But don't stop there, every generation Note, Samsung creates new values ​​for S-Pen. Now, S-Pen is not only a pen anymore, but it is also a great assistant at work, even entertainment.

With the Galaxy Note 10 years, Samsung continues to improve and add new features to the S-Pen. And if you are a fan of the Note series, this will definitely be the first feature you need to experience when you have the opportunity to touch and own the Galaxy Note 10.

New design is more seamless

Not going into the feature yet, right from the S-Pen design on the Galaxy Note 10 has changed. If the S-Pen of previous Galaxy Note generations is divided into two pieces, then the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 10 does not have this separation anymore and carries a new, more seamless design, holding feeling grip is also more comfortable.

"Flutter" remote control pen like magic wand in Harry Potter

Not only is the difference on the outside, the Note 10 S-Pen is also upgraded inside. If Samsung integrated Bluetooth into the Note 9 pen last year for remote control tasks, this year, Samsung has continued to add Accelerometer and gyroscope (gyroscope). ) Note 10. With the presence of these sensors, users can now manipulate the "pen" to manipulate the remote, just like a magic wand in Harry Potter.

Specifically, in the camera application, the pen scaling operations can be used to switch between the main camera and the selfie camera, switching between shooting or zoom modes. Or with the music application, these operations can help users increase / decrease the volume or convert songs remotely. In addition, this feature also supports many other applications such as Collection, Web Browser, Recording, Notes, Clock, PowerPoint ... that you can customize each gesture of the S-Pen according to your needs.

Convert text to text

An extremely useful new feature of Galaxy Note 10 is the conversion of handwriting to text. In order to do this, in the Samsung Notes application, users simply tap their finger on the writing area and immediately it will be converted to text.

Unfortunately, through our testing, this feature is currently not supported in Vietnamese. All accented Vietnamese characters will be converted to unsigned forms. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to support Vietnamese in upcoming updates.

Draw funny stickers with AR Doodle

Besides the business features, the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 10 also supports some fun "entertainment" features, notably AR Doodle. If you are used to using funny filters on photography applications, then AR Doodle is similar, except that you are the one who created the filters yourself.

To activate AR Doodle, simply pull the S-Pen from the device and select "AR Doodle / Hand-drawn AR" in the pop-up menu. At this time, the camera interface will appear with two options: "Face" and "Everywhere". The "Face" option allows you to draw a sticker on ... someone's face and record it. Samsung uses face detection technology to keep these stickers close to the face even when moving the camera. The "Everywhere" option works similarly, except that users can use it with any object.

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