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The surprising fact: Apple's $ 5 billion headquarters is not "tied" to the Earth

Apple Park, the new headquarters of "Apples of Apples" right from the opening of the design, has overwhelmed many people with the round shape covered by glass and its scale. Many people associate the Apple headquarters with spacecraft.

Recently, former design director Jony Ive, who has just announced his resignation at Apple, revealed a new secret to the new "Apples" headquarters. Accordingly, the building with a construction cost of up to US $ 5 billion is actually a spacecraft.

It is not actually built on the surface of the Earth but is located on nearly 700 giant stainless steel discs. This design helps the building's foundation be protected from natural disasters such as earthquakes. The entire Apple Park campus can move up to 1.2 meters in any direction on the above plates if an earthquake occurs.

Jony Ive said, an essential part of Apple Park's design is earthquake resistance. Founder himself and the late CEO Steve Jobs participated in studying earthquake solutions for Apple Park. The Japanese solution to isolate the foundation against earthquakes was learned by Jobs to apply to Apple Park.

One of the stainless steel discs supports the foundation of Apple Park.

In Japan there are currently about 9,000 buildings using foundation isolation solutions, while this figure in the US is only 175 buildings, including Apple Park.

Apple Park was completed in early 2018, covered with large glass panels with a theater that accommodates 1,000 people and is capable of producing electricity by itself with solar panels covering the roof.

Simulation of the effects of the anti-seismic technology being applied in Apple Park compared to conventional buildings.

Apple Park's construction cost is quite expensive, $ 5 billion and is the workplace of more than 12,000 employees, including CEO Tim Cook. Therefore, it is understandable that Apple wants to do everything to ensure the safety of his new headquarters.

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